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Title: re:FML -of why wishes are never good.
Fandom: Damned/Xenosaga.
Warnings: R. Sex, S&M, etc. General WRONGNESS. N for NO. =D
Word Count: 1922.
Characters: Martin Landel. Dmitri Kane. Nigredo. Kyubey.
Notes: Sorta this's sequel? And reasoning for this torture: I was bored. I wanted to practice writing sex. And Nigredo should be a magical girl. That is all.

Summary: A new patient at Landel's Institute? How exciting!

So will you make a contract?~ )
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Title: Gluttony.
Fandom: Have an AU of an AU.
Warnings: Pedo-gay-incest. =|
Word Count: 712.
Characters: Nigel, Albedo.
Notes: Part of a series. This is based off a party thing where Albedo and Nigel met, and furthermore, Albedo stayed with Nigel.

Summary: Over-indulgence--of this we speak of many things. To swallow down another is yet another excess; a weight pressing deeply from the inside.

That was why, perhaps. )
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Title: Salt.
Fandom: Xenosaga.
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 271.
Characters: Junior, mentions of others.
Notes: AU possibility.

Summary: There were two things most known for being composed of salt....

Salt. )
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Title: Night's Pathways - 3
Fandom: Damned/Xenosaga.
Warnings: Character death, angst.
Word Count: 3810 of ????.
Characters: Post!Damned!AlbedoxNigredo. Shifting POV. Cameos of Yukari, Renamon, Ritsuka, Miku, Schuldig, Artemis, Haku. Brief mentions of Farfarello, Homura, Sanzo, Sylar, Peter (1), and Junior.
Notes: Post-Landel’s!free but in that world with full powers. Character death is through an accelerated version of S-C, if that wasn't clear. This is the long-awaited flashback chapter. =/

Summary: In the space betwixt and between, you always forget. You seldom remember.

This was how they danced. )
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Title: Pull.
Fandom: Xenosaga.
Warnings: Brother liking. Non-graphic.
Word Count: 379.
Characters: Albedo, Unit 623; brief Rubedo cameo.
Notes: Maybe possible series. And violence is love, obviously. -shot-

Summary: Mirror what I can not have.

yellow to red )
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Title: Name and Point.
Fandom: Damned/Xenosaga.
Warnings: Mental deterioration.
Word Count: 513.
Characters: Albedo; mention of Nigredo, reference to Rubedo.
Notes: This would take place after Rubedo was successfully released. In this, Albedo had an M-U session soon after.

Summary: Your name? It seemed such a simple thing, to forget.

Too late. )
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Title: Momentum.
Fandom: Xenosaga. (could work for Damned, as well)
Warnings: Angst buckets.
Word Count: 1144.
Characters: Albedo.
Notes: First person-ish. Theme: Breathe Me - Sia (song - lyrics).

Summary: "I have lost myself again." -- Two movements. Two habits. Explanations are never enough.

I have lost myself again.  )
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Fandom: Damned/Xenosaga.
Warnings: R. R R R. R.
Word Count: 1248.
Characters: Martin Landel. Dimitri Kane(Dmitri Yuriev). Cameos of the URTV trio, Lydia, and Zelda(Zora).
Notes: Failed torture.

Summary: No.

No. )
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Title: End.
Fandom: Damned/Xenosaga.
Warnings: Uh? Character death. A version of the future.
Word Count: 554.
Characters: URTVs.
Notes: Nigredo POV.

Summary: Harsh movements from the recent past only illuminate a clear decision. What was once held dear is all that remains. No evidence backing, a choice is made.

This was the only place they would end. )
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Title: Give.
Fandom: Xenosaga.
Warnings: Xenosaga level stuff. Angst and despair.
Word Count: 2496.
Characters: URTVs.
Notes: POV shifts. First person sucks. It may lack substance.

Summary: You can look back and play the movie forward; see the past for what it is, see why things became what they did. You can look back and find the moment that you were lost.

All three had shifted too far from where they had used to be. )
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Title: Reversing.
Fandom: Damned/Xenosaga.
Warnings: Implied character death.
Word Count: 1021.
Characters: Nigredo, Albedo.
Notes: Nigredo's POV is for the story, Albedo's POV is for the letter. The letter's actual, and I only had to change one word to make it work. Sweet. Possibly a bit AU.


Soft apologies fall on deaf ears. )
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Title: Picturesque Madness
Fandom: [post-]Damned/Xenosaga.
Word Count: 6091. >_>;
Warnings: R+ for passing mentions of family murder, child abuse, and rape. Also Albedo type insanity, obv.
Character(s): RL!Albedo, two OC's, cameo of RL!Nigredo. Flashback with Rubedo/Junior; mentions of Angel if you squint, Citrine if you read into it, and Sakura.
Notes: For Damned's '09 oktoberfest. I didn't even mean to do this. I wrote it really randomly. >_>; And know nothing about college. =D

Summary: You only hurt what you love, and if you love nothing? Maybe that means you'll end up tied to destruction. --Nearly nine years gone, a simple class assignment leads to a life search and life loss, and nothing is what is seems when there's nothing really there.

References: Cold Colors from Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman; the Epic of Gilgamesh; Borderland by Terri Windling; Unforgiven by Metallica played by Apocalyptica; Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll; The Stolen Child by W.B. Yeats; Catherine Called Birdy by Karen Cushman. Also this thread in particular.

And then things will be simple once again. )
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Title: A Stepping Stone.
Fandom: Damned/Xenosaga. (Five Months After storyline.)
Warnings: Oh, the angst.
Word Count: 2297.
Characters: Albedo POV, Nigredo, Rubedo.
Notes: Prelude to this. It changed a bit as I was writing it--I am not sure how it turned out.


It had become something corrupt in the stillness. )
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Title: Sacrifical Platitudes (blood of a lamb)
Fandom: Xenosaga/Damned.
Warnings: Angst. Violence.
Word Count: 592.
Characters: Albedo, Nigredo. Albedo POV.
Notes: Prompt from [ profile] psyches: "victima propiciatoria" (Spanish for propitiatory victim). Also. Vague is a fun, fun tool.

Summary: From actions to reactions, what's done is done--no words can cancel the act.

Those pieces were so tattered now. )
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Title: A Learning Tool.
Fandom: Damned/Xenosaga. (Five Months After storyline.)
Warnings: "Love is love, but incest is best."--Um. Yeah. Not really that, but. Yes. Warning. =D;;
Word Count: ...2735.
Characters: Damned!AlbedoxNigredo.
Notes: Follow up of this. Motivations aren't quite what they seem.


There's a difference. )
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Title: Set of Three.
Fandom: Xenosaga.
Warnings: Angst.
Word Count: 643.
Characters: URTV trio.
Notes: ...yay, angst! Slight AU. Great fun!--Anyway, these are from awhile back. Three drabbles. Enjoy.

Summary: The past does pass, like as if in a dream.

This is how they grew. )
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Title: Uneven Scales
Fandom: Damned/Xenosaga.
Warnings: Character death.
Word Count: 1103.
Characters: Nigredo POV. Rubedo, Albedo, and Yuriev.
Notes: The quote stuck in my head.

Summary: In dreams, sometimes, your fears come true. In dreams, sometimes, you see what would and could of been. In dreams, sometimes, reality threatens.

What you do to one side, you must do to the other. )
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Title: Night's Pathways - 2
Fandom: Damned/Xenosaga.
Warnings: Still okay so far. =P
Word Count: 1891 of ???.
Characters: Post!Damned!AlbedoxNigredo. Nigredo POV.
Notes: Post-Landel’s!free but in that world with full powers. Definite more to come. Continued from here.


Anything extreme... could become dangerous. )
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Title: Night's Pathways - 1
Fandom: Damned/Xenosaga. (Four Years Gone storyline)
Warnings: "Love is love, but incest is best."--Maybe, warning. Nothing at all here now.
Word Count: 1258 of ???.
Characters: Post-Damned!AlbedoxNigredo. Albedo POV.
Notes: Post-Landel’s!free but in that world with full powers. Takes place years after post!Landel’s Cod party here, with references to other Damned!fiction. Definite more to come.


Desperation was such a pitiful thing. )
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Title: A Breaking Point.
Fandom: Damned/Xenosaga. (Five Months After storyline--first.)
Warnings: "Love is love, but incest is best."--Only slightly.
Word Count: 797.
Characters: Damned!AlbedoxNigredo, re: AlbedoxRubedo.
Notes: For [ profile] psyches. Prompt: The U.R.T.V. "Love abate. Disintegrate. Turn love to hate." Takes place after this. Shiiiiira. =DDD ---Sequel. Prelude.


As everything changed into something unknown. )
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Title: Wonderment.
Fandom: Xenosaga.
Warnings: Null.
Word Count: 815.
Characters: Rubedo, plus.
Notes: I still attest that it's unfinished. I wanted to timeline it through the games. But I haven't touched it for over a year so here it is in all of its failtastic glory. I want to continue it... when I can. -_-;


Sometimes... )


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