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Enlightenment: character study; Contrasts.

Title: character study; Contrasts.
Fandom: Enlightenment.
Warnings: Zilch.
Word Count: 308.
Characters: One of Alan, one of Nigel.
Notes: I wrote these a while ago. There was supposed to be three. I gave up on waiting for that third.

Summary: Define for me light and life, dark and decay.

Early on, he had been one to learn-- Above all else, don't trust your vision, your impressions of the world, and what you see may not be what others see. This was a constant, a balanced check--to watch for others' reactions before taking note of anything. A personality like that, was seen as closed, stoic and calm, but what would they have him do? There existed little else with an existence like that.

So what, then; what moves should be taken when one's companion was a blind man, one who lacked the capabilities to clarify and classify reality for one who needed? --Ah, but, that was a lie. The question came differently.

What, then, should be done when perceptions were justified by one who could not see?

He drowned in shadows. The other was the sun.

He fell beneath that light.


He strived for light, struggled for it--all he was sought it out to claim it, and still it was never enough, never filled the way that was needed. There was an emptiness that hollowed him, seeped out to consume whatever he touched. It was not a darkness but an absence, and he would break down everything to gain anything.

And yet the other spoke of light. Muttered of light so bright that he burned away--clean and pure, until there was nothing left of what he had been.

And for all the other said, Nigel shook before it, lacked in comprehension for the words-- Where Alan claimed light, Nigel felt nothing, and there was something like fear in response to the discrepancy. Alan would touch him and speak of love, and Nigel knew Alan was wrong. There was nothing of darkness and light in them. Only death and life.

Every day Nigel died. Every day Alan brought him back to life. This was their contrast. This was the only way Nigel still lived.


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