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Title: Trial and Error.
Fandom: Tokyo Babylon/X-1999.
Warnings: Boy love, angst, dub/noncon.
Word Count: 2266.
Characters: Subaru and Seishirou. Mentions of Hokuto.
Notes: ...So I started this over a year ago and failed to complete it. By now, I forgot the original theme. It may have failed in what it set out to be. (Also it's supposed to be messy with present and past tense.) Also warnings for TB/X-1999 spoilers.

Summary: Three instances of memory beckon; touch holds your essence best.

Certainly, that’s true as well. )
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Title: Stylized Adoration.
Fandom: Original.
Warnings: Severe.
Word Count: 1238.
Characters: It's a spoiler, actually. Highlight once you've read it once: A twenty something man living at home and his seven year old sister.
Notes: It was in my head and wouldn't go away.

Summary: There are needs within the human mind, wants within the human heart. Both are produced and given to all--and you decide which you follow, and which you turn away.

And then, sometimes, it's not a choice.

He loved her. )
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Title: Salt.
Fandom: Xenosaga.
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 271.
Characters: Junior, mentions of others.
Notes: AU possibility.

Summary: There were two things most known for being composed of salt....

Salt. )
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Title: End.
Fandom: Damned/Xenosaga.
Warnings: Uh? Character death. A version of the future.
Word Count: 554.
Characters: URTVs.
Notes: Nigredo POV.

Summary: Harsh movements from the recent past only illuminate a clear decision. What was once held dear is all that remains. No evidence backing, a choice is made.

This was the only place they would end. )
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Title: Give.
Fandom: Xenosaga.
Warnings: Xenosaga level stuff. Angst and despair.
Word Count: 2496.
Characters: URTVs.
Notes: POV shifts. First person sucks. It may lack substance.

Summary: You can look back and play the movie forward; see the past for what it is, see why things became what they did. You can look back and find the moment that you were lost.

All three had shifted too far from where they had used to be. )
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Title: Reversing.
Fandom: Damned/Xenosaga.
Warnings: Implied character death.
Word Count: 1021.
Characters: Nigredo, Albedo.
Notes: Nigredo's POV is for the story, Albedo's POV is for the letter. The letter's actual, and I only had to change one word to make it work. Sweet. Possibly a bit AU.


Soft apologies fall on deaf ears. )
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Title: (24) goodnight
Fandom: Digimon Tamers
Warnings: Uh?
Word Count: 411.
Characters: Renamon, Rika.
Notes: Written at the same time as Set of Three. Possible series. Probably not.

Summary: The fact of dreams; the stillness of sleep; the silence of night.

Soft as a spell )
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Title: Sacrifical Platitudes (blood of a lamb)
Fandom: Xenosaga/Damned.
Warnings: Angst. Violence.
Word Count: 592.
Characters: Albedo, Nigredo. Albedo POV.
Notes: Prompt from [ profile] psyches: "victima propiciatoria" (Spanish for propitiatory victim). Also. Vague is a fun, fun tool.

Summary: From actions to reactions, what's done is done--no words can cancel the act.

Those pieces were so tattered now. )
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Title: Uneven Scales
Fandom: Damned/Xenosaga.
Warnings: Character death.
Word Count: 1103.
Characters: Nigredo POV. Rubedo, Albedo, and Yuriev.
Notes: The quote stuck in my head.

Summary: In dreams, sometimes, your fears come true. In dreams, sometimes, you see what would and could of been. In dreams, sometimes, reality threatens.

What you do to one side, you must do to the other. )
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Title: Searches
Fandom: Landel's Damned
Warnings: Eh. Nothing bad. Angst bucket.
Word Count: 830
Characters: Renamon, Senna, Albedo.
Notes: Um? This was pre-playing Albedo.

Summary: Three people search the grounds of the Institute, their actual searches kept deep within their hearts.

These people had never met... )