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Title: Sending Call: Reversal.
Fandom: 31 Days prompt list.
Warnings: Eh.
Word Count: 744.
Notes: I actually like this scenario.

Prompt: 2 - looking at monsters is a centuries-old ritual.

2/31 )
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Title: Cannot Change.
Fandom: 31 Days prompt list.
Warnings: Meh.
Word Count: 855.
Notes: This kicks off the 31 Days challenge for writing that I'm doing. All ficlets will be original works, not related to any fandom.

Prompt: 1 - He wanted to explain how people were never quite what you thought they were.

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Dec. 14th, 2011 06:47 pm
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Title: Restart.
Fandom: Original (the Shapes Reality Takes series)
Warnings: Nope.
Word Count: 442.
Characters: Arianna's mother.
Notes: This is a response to the project currently over at toxic-reveries (which will be added here once complete), and does the briefest of backstories as a prelude to the original series. It also serves to point out similarities between two characters from different canons. Cough, Alan and Arianna, cough.

Summary: Change does not happen instantly, and heroes of the day still have to make it through the night.

There once was a perfect love. )
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Title: Stylized Adoration.
Fandom: Original.
Warnings: Severe.
Word Count: 1238.
Characters: It's a spoiler, actually. Highlight once you've read it once: A twenty something man living at home and his seven year old sister.
Notes: It was in my head and wouldn't go away.

Summary: There are needs within the human mind, wants within the human heart. Both are produced and given to all--and you decide which you follow, and which you turn away.

And then, sometimes, it's not a choice.

He loved her. )


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