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Title: character study; Contrasts.
Fandom: Enlightenment.
Warnings: Zilch.
Word Count: 308.
Characters: One of Alan, one of Nigel.
Notes: I wrote these a while ago. There was supposed to be three. I gave up on waiting for that third.

Summary: Define for me light and life, dark and decay.

contradict in tone. )
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Title: moon and the motions
Fandom: Enlightenment/Umineko.
Warnings: Not quite.
Word Count: 3522.
Characters: Alan and Lion. Will and Nigel.
Notes: Commission for [personal profile] psyches: "Nigel Kane, Bernkastel, and Willard H. Wright; on miracles."
This is part two of three.

Summary: Of this world, there are some that were never meant to be. By fortune or fate, they've claimed their path, and if it backs them into a corner, it's a fate they've chosen on their own. There are things people die for. For all the reasons that people live.

References: Gentle Homicide and [personal profile] psyches's "what the eyes can't see...".

It changes nothing, in the end; I’m sure you know what this is? )
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Title: sun and the shine
Warnings: Nothing so simple.
Word Count: 1302.
Characters: Nigel and Bernkastel. Briefly Will. Mentions of Alan, Crista, and Erico.
Notes: Commission for [personal profile] psyches: "Nigel Kane, Bernkastel, and Willard H. Wright; on miracles."
This is part one of three.

Summary: Of this world, there are some who do not run by the rules known so well. Even the rules set by madness and dreams, they shatter, tear asunder, to raise up anew.

References: "We Can Get Them for You Wholesale," Smoke and Mirrors, Neil Gaiman.

A pity, Nigel thought. This would be far simpler with one who denied witches. )
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Title: Gluttony.
Fandom: Have an AU of an AU.
Warnings: Pedo-gay-incest. =|
Word Count: 712.
Characters: Nigel, Albedo.
Notes: Part of a series. This is based off a party thing where Albedo and Nigel met, and furthermore, Albedo stayed with Nigel.

Summary: Over-indulgence--of this we speak of many things. To swallow down another is yet another excess; a weight pressing deeply from the inside.

That was why, perhaps. )
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Title: Progression.
Fandom: Xeno-Damned!AU.
Warnings: Reality.
Word Count: 862.
Characters: Alan.
Notes: Timed challenged. Over five hundred words in a half hour. --Takes places up to the beginning of the main story.

Summary: The basis of madness causes many a thing--it is not odd that caution finds itself among them.

This is what becomes of those who know nothing. )
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Title: Name and Point.
Fandom: Damned/Xenosaga.
Warnings: Mental deterioration.
Word Count: 513.
Characters: Albedo; mention of Nigredo, reference to Rubedo.
Notes: This would take place after Rubedo was successfully released. In this, Albedo had an M-U session soon after.

Summary: Your name? It seemed such a simple thing, to forget.

Too late. )
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Title: Picturesque Madness
Fandom: [post-]Damned/Xenosaga.
Word Count: 6091. >_>;
Warnings: R+ for passing mentions of family murder, child abuse, and rape. Also Albedo type insanity, obv.
Character(s): RL!Albedo, two OC's, cameo of RL!Nigredo. Flashback with Rubedo/Junior; mentions of Angel if you squint, Citrine if you read into it, and Sakura.
Notes: For Damned's '09 oktoberfest. I didn't even mean to do this. I wrote it really randomly. >_>; And know nothing about college. =D

Summary: You only hurt what you love, and if you love nothing? Maybe that means you'll end up tied to destruction. --Nearly nine years gone, a simple class assignment leads to a life search and life loss, and nothing is what is seems when there's nothing really there.

References: Cold Colors from Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman; the Epic of Gilgamesh; Borderland by Terri Windling; Unforgiven by Metallica played by Apocalyptica; Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll; The Stolen Child by W.B. Yeats; Catherine Called Birdy by Karen Cushman. Also this thread in particular.

And then things will be simple once again. )