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Dragon Age Inquisition: Viewpoints

Title: Viewpoints
Fandom: Dragon Age Inquisition
Warnings: Implied end game spoilers. Nothing spelled out.
Word Count: 1360
Characters: Kalethe (Dalish rogue Inquisitor; diplomatic, very focused on what's important, and the off one in her clan), Cole, Solas. Mentions of Varric, Morrigan, Kieran, Blackwall. Vague mentions of another.

Notes: I had to wonder if Cole would start to forget what he knows about the others, the further human he gets.
I also don't think Sandal's prophecy was about Corypheus.

Summary: "When he rises, everyone will see."

Never trust an elf. )
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Death and War's Wedding

Title: Death and War's Wedding
Warnings: ...Gore?
Word Count: 211
Notes: I love my rhyme scheme.

Summary: What a dream; what a delight!

a bored guest )
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Title: Visions
Words: 562
Notes: There is no context.

it would go away )
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FlightRising: A Slow Start

Title: A Slow Start
Fandom: FlightRising!
Warnings: Nah.
Word Count: 1797
Character(s): Sargon, Mintha, Myra, Lief, Uriagen, Caligula, Auilix, Enki, Inanna, Pyra, Loa, Theia. Mentions of Ebor, Jade, and Rue. Also Ari.
Pairing(s): Sargon/Mintha, Uriagen/Caligula.
Notes: Something not gay! And yet still angsty. This is for Lightning Flight's Cutest Couple writing contest! Also this takes place in the past so some images don't match (Loa went from Pearlcatcher to Skydancer and Myra and Lief are now Coatls).

Summary: Differences can be deceiving, interest can build slowly. One can want and despair, love and hesitate; all at once, nothing at all.

Dragons are Angsty )
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PSA: Enlightenment Stories.

All Enlightenment stories are archived at [community profile] evolutionary and will now be posted entirely there. Please check there for both mine and [personal profile] psyches!
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Landel's Damned: Heads Up Display.

Title: Heads Up Display
Fandom: Damned/Durarara!!/Supernatural.
Warnings: Blood splatter.
Word Count: 2370
Character(s): Mikado, Izaya, Castiel, the Trickster, Claire Stanfield, Shizuo, Shinra.
Pairing(s): Claire/trains? Izaya/pillows.
Summary: Mikado has a new skill. It gets him into a bit of a problem....
Notes: Very light Durarara!! and Supernatural spoilers?

--He snapped his fingers. )
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Enlightenment: character study; Contrasts.

Title: character study; Contrasts.
Fandom: Enlightenment.
Warnings: Zilch.
Word Count: 308.
Characters: One of Alan, one of Nigel.
Notes: I wrote these a while ago. There was supposed to be three. I gave up on waiting for that third.

Summary: Define for me light and life, dark and decay.

contradict in tone. )
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31 Days: Sending Call: Reversal.

Title: Sending Call: Reversal.
Fandom: 31 Days prompt list.
Warnings: Eh.
Word Count: 744.
Notes: I actually like this scenario.

Prompt: 2 - looking at monsters is a centuries-old ritual.

2/31 )
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31 Days: Cannot Change.

Title: Cannot Change.
Fandom: 31 Days prompt list.
Warnings: Meh.
Word Count: 855.
Notes: This kicks off the 31 Days challenge for writing that I'm doing. All ficlets will be original works, not related to any fandom.

Prompt: 1 - He wanted to explain how people were never quite what you thought they were.

1/31 )
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Umineko: Continuance.

Title: Continuance.
Fandom: Umineko no Naku Koro ni.
Warnings: Mild ep. 7 spoilers.
Word Count: 207. (something short for once!)
Characters: Ushiromiya Lion. Also Willard H. Wright.
Notes: Very light character study.

Summary: Motivation, in the end, is all there is to fall back on.

The important thing was that it continued. )
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Enlightenment: moon and the motions.

Title: moon and the motions
Fandom: Enlightenment/Umineko.
Warnings: Not quite.
Word Count: 3522.
Characters: Alan and Lion. Will and Nigel.
Notes: Commission for [personal profile] psyches: "Nigel Kane, Bernkastel, and Willard H. Wright; on miracles."
This is part two of three.

Summary: Of this world, there are some that were never meant to be. By fortune or fate, they've claimed their path, and if it backs them into a corner, it's a fate they've chosen on their own. There are things people die for. For all the reasons that people live.

References: Gentle Homicide and [personal profile] psyches's "what the eyes can't see...".

It changes nothing, in the end; I’m sure you know what this is? )
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Enlightenment: sun and the shine.

Title: sun and the shine
Warnings: Nothing so simple.
Word Count: 1302.
Characters: Nigel and Bernkastel. Briefly Will. Mentions of Alan, Crista, and Erico.
Notes: Commission for [personal profile] psyches: "Nigel Kane, Bernkastel, and Willard H. Wright; on miracles."
This is part one of three.

Summary: Of this world, there are some who do not run by the rules known so well. Even the rules set by madness and dreams, they shatter, tear asunder, to raise up anew.

References: "We Can Get Them for You Wholesale," Smoke and Mirrors, Neil Gaiman.

A pity, Nigel thought. This would be far simpler with one who denied witches. )

Tokyo Babylon: Trial and Error.

Title: Trial and Error.
Fandom: Tokyo Babylon/X-1999.
Warnings: Boy love, angst, dub/noncon.
Word Count: 2266.
Characters: Subaru and Seishirou. Mentions of Hokuto.
Notes: ...So I started this over a year ago and failed to complete it. By now, I forgot the original theme. It may have failed in what it set out to be. (Also it's supposed to be messy with present and past tense.) Also warnings for TB/X-1999 spoilers.

Summary: Three instances of memory beckon; touch holds your essence best.

Certainly, that’s true as well. )


Title: Restart.
Fandom: Original (the Shapes Reality Takes series)
Warnings: Nope.
Word Count: 442.
Characters: Arianna's mother.
Notes: This is a response to the project currently over at toxic-reveries (which will be added here once complete), and does the briefest of backstories as a prelude to the original series. It also serves to point out similarities between two characters from different canons. Cough, Alan and Arianna, cough.

Summary: Change does not happen instantly, and heroes of the day still have to make it through the night.

There once was a perfect love. )

Stylized Adoration.

Title: Stylized Adoration.
Fandom: Original.
Warnings: Severe.
Word Count: 1238.
Characters: It's a spoiler, actually. Highlight once you've read it once: A twenty something man living at home and his seven year old sister.
Notes: It was in my head and wouldn't go away.

Summary: There are needs within the human mind, wants within the human heart. Both are produced and given to all--and you decide which you follow, and which you turn away.

And then, sometimes, it's not a choice.

He loved her. )

Damned/Xenosaga: re:FML -of why wishes are never good.

Title: re:FML -of why wishes are never good.
Fandom: Damned/Xenosaga.
Warnings: R. Sex, S&M, etc. General WRONGNESS. N for NO. =D
Word Count: 1922.
Characters: Martin Landel. Dmitri Kane. Nigredo. Kyubey.
Notes: Sorta this's sequel? And reasoning for this torture: I was bored. I wanted to practice writing sex. And Nigredo should be a magical girl. That is all.

Summary: A new patient at Landel's Institute? How exciting!

So will you make a contract?~ )

Damned/Xenosaga: Gluttony.

Title: Gluttony.
Fandom: Have an AU of an AU.
Warnings: Pedo-gay-incest. =|
Word Count: 712.
Characters: Nigel, Albedo.
Notes: Part of a series. This is based off a party thing where Albedo and Nigel met, and furthermore, Albedo stayed with Nigel.

Summary: Over-indulgence--of this we speak of many things. To swallow down another is yet another excess; a weight pressing deeply from the inside.

That was why, perhaps. )

Landel's Damned: Tadaima.

Title: Tadaima.
Fandom: Landel's Damned.
Warnings: Chaste kissing?
Word Count: 3203.
Characters: Haku POV, partially Artemis-centric; cameos of Schuldig, Badou, Farfarello, Sora, Kurt, Renamon, Kakashi, and nameless hordes. Mentions of Zabuza, and the Bleach Shinigami.
Notes: This was from December 2009; I forgot to add it. It shows the start of the camp the URTV pair happened on in the flashback. I was going to expand the last part more in details, but it seemed to work as it was so I left it. Naruto, Artemis Fowl, and Kingdom Hearts references; hopefully not too slaughtered. As well as lots of Damned CR, obv. And it turned out like fluff, which wasn't fully intended.

Summary: A place is a place unless you make it stick.

silence sings in waves. )

Damned/Xenosaga: Progression.

Title: Progression.
Fandom: Xeno-Damned!AU.
Warnings: Reality.
Word Count: 862.
Characters: Alan.
Notes: Timed challenged. Over five hundred words in a half hour. --Takes places up to the beginning of the main story.

Summary: The basis of madness causes many a thing--it is not odd that caution finds itself among them.

This is what becomes of those who know nothing. )

Damned: Translational Frameshift.

Title: Translational Frameshift
Fandom: Damned. (Mainly Supernatural, Persona 3, Loveless, Naruto, and Xenosaga.)
Warnings: Damned rating?
Word Count: 10,286.
Character(s): Castiel, Aigis, Ritsuka, Nigredo. Also Gaara, Albedo, Martin Landel, Leon. Unnamed characters being Temari, Shikamaru, Naruto. RL unnamed characters being random newsrunner, Minato, Seimei, Soubi, Citrine, Yuriev, CC!Sakura, Rika, and Hanyuu. And a surprise character.

Notes: This mainly came out of a desire to see people my characters bonded with in a way (that aren't canonmates) interacting. One of mine, however, lacks friends, so that didn't work. =| I also cannot keep Albedo out of fic I write obviously. >_>;; And I stole an idea from last year to use for him, as a note of explanation of behavior.

I also thought present tense third-person omniscient was a good style to write in. Fffffff. Lesson learned.

Summary: Four strangers roam the institute at night--this, of course, involves S-C funtimes, basement shenanigans, mindfucking, and being dropped into a RL scenario before the night is up, and questions are answered.

This is how reality blurs. )