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Umineko: Continuance.

Title: Continuance.
Fandom: Umineko no Naku Koro ni.
Warnings: Mild ep. 7 spoilers.
Word Count: 207. (something short for once!)
Characters: Ushiromiya Lion. Also Willard H. Wright.
Notes: Very light character study.

Summary: Motivation, in the end, is all there is to fall back on.

Ushiromiya Lion had never existed. It was something simple, something that the successor had begun to come to terms with. Even if the Ushiromiya family held no memories of Lion, if Lion’s existence was deemed meaningless, Lion held the memories of the times shared with each of those that she cared for and cherished. And even if Lion’s life did not continue in the way she was used to, the important thing (for Lion, for Clair) was that it continued.

So she continued. Continued despite it all, and if there was something abnormal in her companion, something strange in the way they remained partners after the mystery was finally over, it wasn’t something quite so obvious. They moved together as if natural, as if always, and there was something nearly forgiving in the way that they moved.

It allowed continuance, motivation and its means--the fact of another walking beside you through everything. Despite it all. It was something Lion remained grateful for, even if it rarely showed. Her motivation was to pay him in full, give to him some of what he had given her in turn. So she remained. She waited. And he, too, was grateful, gained something familiar in her presence.

And they continued. They kept continuing.

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