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Death and War's Wedding

Title: Death and War's Wedding
Warnings: ...Gore?
Word Count: 211
Notes: I love my rhyme scheme.

Summary: What a dream; what a delight!

I went to a wedding.
A wedding, I say.
The groom wore red
And was coated with paint.
The bride wore black,
A hellish display.

They bickered and bit,
Cut tongues out for hours.
I sat thinking of lost love,
Of the misguided patience of a saint.
I’ve lived this lie before--
Before I started wishing on flowers.

There was no need for this farce,
This ruminating mockery.
The wedding went on,
Noiseless and solemn.
Were they mourning the occasion?
Or was this only what I could see?

Here the bride shed tears,
Red marring black in lines.
I remembered diseases, rot;
I remembered autumn.
Here the groom would smile,
Lily-white and fine.

I went to a wedding.
A wedding, I say.
The bride was a corpse
And the groom was decay.
The guests were all mourners;
The celebration a war.
The vows were quite damning,
The consummation even more.
We watched as he mounted her,
As he called her by name.
She shrieked out and screamed out
As guests laughed at the game.
I remembered the bride,
And her hellish display.
How black was her gown,
Until it was caked in dismay.
I remember the groom,
All covered in paint.
War he carried, blood-bright--
…The similarities, I suppose, were disgustingly quaint.

He smiled charmingly and how loud she cried,
And only would I remember my first home.
He took her in violence and how quickly she died.

…Oh, how I wish I were home.

(Oh, how I wish I had such a home.)

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