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FlightRising: A Slow Start

Title: A Slow Start
Fandom: FlightRising!
Warnings: Nah.
Word Count: 1797
Character(s): Sargon, Mintha, Myra, Lief, Uriagen, Caligula, Auilix, Enki, Inanna, Pyra, Loa, Theia. Mentions of Ebor, Jade, and Rue. Also Ari.
Pairing(s): Sargon/Mintha, Uriagen/Caligula.
Notes: Something not gay! And yet still angsty. This is for Lightning Flight's Cutest Couple writing contest! Also this takes place in the past so some images don't match (Loa went from Pearlcatcher to Skydancer and Myra and Lief are now Coatls).

Summary: Differences can be deceiving, interest can build slowly. One can want and despair, love and hesitate; all at once, nothing at all.

In the fields of light, Myra and Ebor were talking, coming to the newest terms of their exchange. To keep the ties between their two clans strong, they implemented a foster system; a trade of hatchlings between the two. A Lightning Skydancer was slipping off under Jade's careful gaze, moving to Rue's side on the field. In exchange, the small Light Spiral made its way to Myra, settling in a heap at the Fae's side.

Watching this, Lief tilted his head in amusement, smirked upward good-naturedly at the Spiral next to him. The chosen escort for the leaders today, Sargon attempted to miss the Fae's smirk.

"Haven't you been looking for a mate, scale brother?"

The insult given kindly, Sargon looked downward. The reminder of the difference between him and the other two Spirals of the clan, the rash of thick and heavy scales coating his body created a lack of fluidity in his motions. He had already stopped trying to keep up with Uriagen and Caligula. "...She's a child, Lief," the Spiral responded with a sigh.

A child with little to nothing to interest him. Once they were back at the clan's lair, it was too easily for Sargon to forget the hatchling's presence.


A flash of green, shimmering off of the shining walls of the cave caused him to stop, hesitate in his motions. The lanky creature, colored in jade and blood, slipped past him and Sargon was taken aback. When the hatchling first arrived, it was a dull grass and rust, but the time in growing had allowed it to truly shine. Its scales shone, reflected life and light well.

"...That's the hatchling?"

Uriagen, dark against the shadows, paused in her passing. "She has a name, Sargon. She's claimed Mintha as her own."

Taken aback as not even registering his fellow Spiral as she moved past him, Sargon fell to silence. The child had grown it seemed. Still.



A clamor at the lair's opening caused the mulberry Spiral to unravel from the knot he had been sleeping in. Raising his head slightly revealed Enki and Inanna, the giant Imperials that were the clan's fighters, and a small mixed crowd around them. There was some congratulatory remarks, and he found himself intrigued.

Before he even fully rose though, Caligula was nearly, Auilix close behind. The males paused near Sargon, the brightly-colored Pearlcatcher giving a pleased expression. "Three fighters now. We'll have no cause to fear with the warriors gaining more and more strength."

Auilix walked on, and Caligula still paused, looking over Sargon carefully. "It's Mintha," he stated bluntly, blinking deep blue eyes.

Without a conscious thought, Sargon's head moved back to the crowd, seeking out the flash of jade, the wings of blood. Eventually he found her, giddily making loops in the air before coming to rest around Inanna's shoulders. The Imperial laughed and nuzzled her fondly.

Sargon felt something like loss.

Caligula brushed by him, moving to join his mate already in the crowd. "It's not always like it was for Uriagen and I," he murmured as he passed. "It's not always souls touching when eyes meet." Not always something so simple, he meant.

Sargon said nothing, and remained still for a long time after.


There was sorrow in the lair, when there should have been reveling. Myra had called for festivities, and the clan was ecstatic to find themselves with a job only to celebrate.

They had learned their their sister clan in the Sunbeam Ruins, Ebor, Jade, and Rue's small clan, was traversing the wilds to find a new home in the Southern Icefield. When passing through the Shifting Expanse, Jade expressed her reservations, but Ebor, elated, was convinced much good would come from the change. So both clans celebrated until the now-clan of Ice went on their way.

And yet there was the sound of sobbing.

Sargon followed the echoes, pulled by something he didn't yet know. The sound was frustrating, irritating... and he would rather that it stopped. It had died into quiet gulps by the time he slipped into the hiding place that Mintha had found. The fighter jolted, twisting into a coil in surprise. "Oh! I didn't... I'm sorry."

She quickly tried to move past him, and for no reason that Sargon could attribute to logic, his tail flicked up to halt her progress. "...Why are you crying?" His eyes moved to hers, and just as soon moved away. "Are you not happy for the expansion of your home clan?"

She misses them, he mused to himself. It seemed too weak for a fighter, too weak for a dragon whose home was now in the Stormcatcher's realm, not the Lightweaver's.

To his surprise though, Mintha laughed weakly. "No... No, that's not it. I'm very happy that they'll able to be strong. They really deserve to grow, and explore their possibilities."

It was more than Sargon had expected from the female. "Then...?" He found himself prompting her.

Again, she made a sound of laughter, mildly self-depreciating. "I am a dragon in a Lightning clan. We serve the Stormcatcher."

...It was such an obvious statement that he looked at her in disapproval. She didn't meet his gaze.

"And so why am I..." She gave another chuckle, as if unable to accept her own apparent faults. "...Why am I so lost then? I was born in the Lightweaver's embrace, and yet my blood clan moves to the chill of the Icewarden. Am I still a Light dragon? My family is...."

"Your family is here," Sargon interrupted briskly, with more force than he was used to showing. "You're not a Light dragon in a Lightning clan. You're a Lightning dragon, the same as any of us. This is your family," he repeated, watching her more closely than he had before. "You don't need to look elsewhere."

For the first time since Sargon had come upon her, Mintha lifted her eyes to his own. The two pairs met and held, neither the dark aqua of a child of Stormcatcher, but true in their hearts nonetheless. The jade Spiral made a movement to speak, and--

Suddenly fearful, Sargon fled.


He was able to avoid her for the next few weeks, but unable to forget the weight of her gaze. He refused to speak to Lief or Caligula, not willing to speak to them for fear of proving them right. Auilix, easy-going and upbeat, would have been a welcome distracted, but found himself fixated on the new female Pearlcatcher that had come from a nearby clan in the Tempest Spire. So Sargon gave himself to the most mature outcome.

That is to say he brooded in a knot on a tight ledge high in the lair. Myra flew by once, backwinging to look at him intently. Her gaze fell through him and he shuddered, feeling the illogical sensation of being known utterly. The unfathomable matriarch blinked, expression becoming something close to understanding, before she went on her way.

He had only just breathed a sigh of relief at her passing when shouts came from the front of the lair.

"A healer! Do we still have a healer... No, blast it, Ari's-- A medic, then! Loa!"

Enki's booming voice summoned a trio of females. A Snapper, Pearlcatcher, and Skydancer flew down in quick response. The Pearlcatcher looked carefully at the Imperial. "...You're in no need of healing."

"Not me, Loa! Ar-- Inanna!"

Pyra, Loa, and Theia looked on as Inanna entered the lair carefully, a bloodied body hanging limply around her shoulders. Theia leapt up gracefully to touch the body, her feathered wings close enough to brush the blood-stains.

The body shuddered, alive, and Sargon suddenly couldn't make out Theia's call. Under the blood there were scales, dull and dim. Once glistening. Once jade.

He had slipped down before he realized, stopped only by the Snapper that had always provided basic first-aid. Pyra gave him a sympathetic look. "Let them work. Please. It's past what I can do." She blinked violet eyes. "...Past what you can do either."

There's nothing you can do.

"Let them work."

He fell back under the pleas of understanding, backed into the cave wall and stayed there, huddling in a mass of kinks. He didn't register when Uriagen and Caligula wrapped their bodies around his in comfort, didn't realize when Myra glided by to relieve Theia and Loa of their efforts. The matriarch continued what they had started, and the two medics fell into exhaustion next to their mates.


He didn't remember sleeping, but there was the sun, coming in from the outside. His gaze focused on it blankly, uncomprehending. It took effort to realize the weight of a body coiled against him, longer still to realize what he was looking at. There were deep scars on a jade shoulder, an almost innocent reminder of the limb that had nearly been torn off, of a gaping wound in her side. Ah, so this was....

"It's not pretty, is it?" She spoke as soon as she realized he was awake and focusing on the scars. "I know it's not, but I'm going to learn basic aid from Pyra, and use it in the field. Hopefully then none of us will get hurt like that from fighting again."

She was rambling, he thought, strangely detached from the situation. Why was she wrapped around him like this?

He must have spoken out loud because she answered. "You were shaking so bad, and you wouldn't leave this area. You kept watching until you lost consciousness, Uri said, and even then fought any attempts to move you."

He remembered none of it.

She laughed, nervously. "But I wanted to tell you. That this won't happen again. So you don't have to worry."

Was that it? Just worry?

"And uh. Anyway, now we have something in common, I guess." Mintha offered an open expression, slipping a wing around one of Sargon's tighter coils. "We both have things that make us stand out, right?"

"You want to be like me?" It came out almost accusing, the self-deprecation evident.

In return she paused, finding her words. "I did. Once. I thought you would dislike me less if I was more like you. But I couldn't figure out how to. Eventually I just thought to fight and be useful and focus on that instead."

"I didn't--" Dislike her. That wasn't it at all.

She pushed her head against his before he could finish his sentence. "It's different with us," she said softly, and he thought that sounded familiar. "It's not completely clear what we are to each other. Family, friends, strangers, mates." She inhaled at the last but went on. "It's something though." She sounded as if she was trying to convince herself. Convince him.

What a strange little creature. Sargon shook his head before pressing his head against hers in turn. "...It's something," he agreed quietly.

There was another soft breath of laughter from Mintha, and then she coiled further around him, taking and giving warmth in turn.

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